Monday, 14 April 2014

How many parents consider this important?

Life hacking is a 'newish' concept that I think is critically important to us all.  We are all so busy talking about getting our children ready for a future but when did we all stop to think about this:

If my teenager could speak like this and discuss these sorts of concepts I would know that as a parent I had supported my child to be ready for their own future - not the one I kept dreaming for them!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


As a principal I listen to people talking about time all of the time!  There is never enough time to do anything...  This is the most common statement.
I hear it from everyone, including myself.  It does make me reflect occasionally on what we can actually do about it.  I also wonder how children fare.  As adults I think we often tend to forget that children can feel stress as well, by doing so much with our children are we increasing their opportunities at the risk of their health and overall well-being?
I struck this information sheet the other day while trawling through Upworthy and it just made me stop and wonder why we do it to ourselves...  A little food for thought!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New beginnings

This year I decided to learn more about photography, digital scrapbooking and try to live a better, healthier life!  I will be using my blog to post updates and snippets along the way.
Cant wait to upload my first Digital Scrapbook Kit - Learning to use Photoshop has been a lot of fun!


I found this website called Upworthy by looking through recommendations of Facebook.  Maybe all of my humanitarian likes led me to this, maybe it was a friend of mine who already liked it...  I don't really care how because I found it!  I love Upworthy.  It really is worthy use of the internet.
I found this little nugget today and just had to share it with everyone.  This is amazing.

Now enjoy

Friday, 3 January 2014

All parents should read this

I found this little snippet on facebook.  It was posted by a friend of mine who also teaches.
I think it is an interesting read that might help parents to understand there are reasons children do well - and they aren't what you would expect!

Do have a read.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Forgetting about what matters most

I am so pleased I have come to ULearn this year.  2 years of isolated principalship in the Hawkes Bay saw me become less passionate about the things that matter!
I used to be a cutting edge practitioner with forward thinking ideas that I was never scared to put forward and steadfastly stuck by...
Almost 3 years on from that teacher,  I forgot how important I believe the new era of teaching is, I became too willing to accept alternative points of view that were very different from my own.

Our children need to collaborate, to share, to discuss...

I used some excellent tools today at the conference and will be reporting back more this term on how my trial of these in the classroom environment and with staff is progressing.

My goals after just the first day of the conference:

1.  Use during both teaching and staff meeting sessions for group recording of ideas
2.  Get the students involved in KidsedchatNZ on Twitter
3.  Begin to get the staff and students into google docs, google apps and hapara ASAP!
4.  Get the kids blogging - not just me!

There are more and I am sure there will be more to follow!


Yes, the cats strike again! 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Judgement Day

I had an interesting conversation during our staff professional day on Friday.  We were discussing our beliefs about Literacy and what concepts we believe our children need to develop while they are at our school.
We got on to the subject of judgements.  It came from a comment about how our children need to develop an awareness of the fact that others will perceive your work differently depending on their own experiences and that it does mean your piece of work is necessary bad, it just doesn't suit that person and you are potentially still great.  I think as a mother of up and coming musicians I find this concept easy to understand.  I understand my son is a brilliant guitar player, I also know I do not like the style of music he plays.  I know my daughter is an amazing singer, I also know that she has a voice suited to a particular genre of music.
As we were discussing this we all came to the same conclusion that if this is something so easy to comprehend as adults then why are we sitting back and making a cold hard judgement about pieces of writing, artwork, drama...  when we could in fact be pre-disposed to our opinion based on our own tastes, interests and experiences.
I think it is worth considering and quite possibly highlights the importance of moderation both within schools and externally.  Particular teachers will have certain tastes that may prevent them from accurately evaluating a piece of work.

It is these conversations that I have with our staff that continue to challenge our collective thinking and therefore push us to ensure our children have the best education they can whilst at our school.

Reflective Koru's, skillfully drawn by Ruby one of our talented Year 7's